Approximately 3 months after receiving both Jesus and the Holy Spirit into my life, I experienced a miracle to an answered prayer in a time of need. At that time my daily commute for work was around 90 kilometers one way. I had an older diesel truck with a fuel gauge that didn't work. I was thankful though that it was reliable.

During the last cold snap this winter our car did not start and I knew that we would need to have it towed the next day to get it fixed.

As Christian parents, one of our greatest desires was to see our children grow up, having and developing their own personal relationship with God.

On Tuesday March 29th, 2016 towards the close of work, I used the washroom and I noticed that I felt a sharp pain at the lower left side of my abdomen and thereafter the pain persisted. The following morning at our prayer time, I shared this feeling of pain with my wife and we prayed about it and subsequently I started thanking God for my healing, confessing: “Thank God healing is the children’s bread” but I still was having the pain.

Our first child and grandchild, was diagnosed with medulla blastom (the fastest growing brain cancer) when he was two years old. Needless to say, all of our lives were changed that horrific day. He was diagnosed in October, 2007.

He went from a typical 2-year-old that you couldn't keep up with, to a child that was hooked up to every monitor, line, medical device you could think of.