Faith Heroes - Best place your kids can be

As Christian parents, one of our greatest desires was to see our children grow up, having and developing their own personal relationship with God.

We know it is the will of God for our children to know Him as their God, not just the God that “my mummy and daddy told me about”, but we didn’t know how to make God relevant to our children, especially growing up in a culture completely different from the culture that we grew up in.

Since attending Living Word Christian Centre, we have been equipped with the tools necessary to effectively make Jesus Christ relevant to our children!

It really helps that our children are taught the same unadulterated Word of God that we are taught in “big” Church. So much so that our children now correct us at home if they feel we have said anything contrary to the Word of God.

We have written this testimony to encourage others, if you are seeking a church where your children can be taught the Word of God in truth, then Living Word Christian Centre is the church you want to join.