Healed of Abdominal Pain

On Tuesday March 29th, 2016 towards the close of work, I used the washroom and I noticed that I felt a sharp pain at the lower left side of my abdomen and thereafter the pain persisted. The following morning at our prayer time, I shared this feeling of pain with my wife and we prayed about it and subsequently I started thanking God for my healing, confessing: “Thank God healing is the children’s bread” but I still was having the pain.


On Sunday, April 03, 2016, just after praise and worship, Pastor Arlene gave two words by the Spirit; one she gave the word, “rejoice” and she got us to rejoice and the second word was “stand still”, then she got us to rejoice again. Soon after we rejoiced the second time, I got a prompting in my spirit to take a deep breath of the anointing in the atmosphere so I took three deep breath and that was it. From then till now, I have used the washroom many times and the pain in the left lower part of my abdomen is gone.

I am thankful to God for His healing power and the anointing of God that was present as we worshipped.