Multiplied Fuel

Approximately 3 months after receiving both Jesus and the Holy Spirit into my life, I experienced a miracle to an answered prayer in a time of need. At that time my daily commute for work was around 90 kilometers one way. I had an older diesel truck with a fuel gauge that didn't work. I was thankful though that it was reliable.

I usually carried a Jerry can of diesel with me for when the truck would sputter, I knew that there was only 10 kilometers of fuel remaining. (I had no extra fuel that night and no money for fuel.)

One night as I was pulling into the parking lot at work, the engine sputtered, and according to the mileage driven on that tank, I knew that it was very close to being completely empty. I went into work deciding not to be concerned about and to deal with it when I was leaving.

After leaving work and starting the truck, I remembered my issue. I also remembered a teaching less than one month prior to this time about “How to ask from God and Get Results”.

Step 1: Is to ask in the name of Jesus. Being clear and precise. My Prayer: “Father, in the Name of Jesus I come to you. Father I have no fuel to make it home, nor any money to get any fuel. I don't want to have to call my wife out of the comfort of our home to come get me in the night on the highway to come get me. Father I run out of fuel halfway down the driveway... I just need to make it home LORD.” I repeated this 4 or 5 times to get it in my heart.

Step 2: Give God thanks that you received and believe it. My Prayer: “Father, I thank you in Jesus' name that I made it home on this fuel... and I thank you that I DID make it in the driveway. Tank You Father.” I also repeated this so that the fear would be gone.

Step 3: Forget about it... don't dwell on it. I wasn't sure how. I had a CD with me... it was Charles Capps and it was about healing. So I put that in and was listening to it on my way home. About 75 kilometers later, the CD had stopped and I noticed that the truck was running better than it ever had before. (I had completely forgotten about it.) I remembered not to dwell on it and restarted the CD. As I was entering the driveway, and as the front tires bumped at the top, the engine died... and that's when I realized that God does answer prayers no matter how small they may seem to us. I got a chill on a warm night and goosebumps. THANK YOU GOD for answering my needed prayer.

Jean D.